About Us

Terimo Scholars is a community of Students, Scholars, Professionals, Job Seekers, Career Persons, Lecturers, Teachers, Parents and Persons interested in taking their education and careers to a higher level. We have strong and active community of Students and Scholars in more than 130 Countries.

Terimo Scholars is a company and brand under TERIMO GROUP. Our staff is a team of experienced Information and Communication Technology Professionals; and Educationists who are passionate about the success and future of students and young people throughout the world. We believe every human being should have the opportunity of studying anywhere in the world regardless of financial and regional status.

We work hard and leverage on technology to bring the world to your finger tips. We connect Students to Scholarships, Grants, Jobs and Career Advice world wide.

We are located in Abuja, the heart of Nigeria but our network spread all over the world. We are simply known by the slogan “connecting students to opportunities!”.